The 8 Amazing Keto Success Stories [ Part 4]

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By far, the greatest criticism of ketogenic diets is that ketosis is unhealthy, dangerous, and can even cause death. But where are the bodies? If it’s so dangerous, why aren’t the casualties piling up? More to the point, why does it keep saving so many lives?

– John Kiefer

Jim Small
Denver, Colorado – Age 60

Throughout his life, Jim has always been the “active guy.” In high school and college, he was on the swim team, rode his bicycle everywhere, taught karate to kids, and more. He stayed active as an adult, and with a medical degree and PhD from Duke University, he knew that eating well and being healthy meant cutting fat and calories. Nevertheless, the weight gradually piled on over the years.

When he moved back home to Denver, Colorado, after completing his residency, Jim began getting serious about his bike riding again and participated in many races over a hundred miles long. With the added weight he had put on, he figured all this exercise would take off the pounds, but it didn’t—in fact, his weight continued to climb. After his father had a heart attack and his grandchildren were born, Jim knew it was “time for a change.”

Jim started searching online for more information about a diet that had worked well for him and his wife many years before—the Atkins diet. He started researching low-carb, high-fat diets and was pleased to learn that foods such as avocados, bacon, cheese, duck, eggs, and fish were all on the menu. This was the motivation he needed to give a ketogenic diet another go.

“We eat every day like most people eat when they are on vacation,” Jim shared.

He lost about twenty pounds and his waist dropped from thirty-seven inches to thirty-three. His cholesterol numbers all improved dramatically, and the heartburn Jim had not been able to treat successfully for years simply vanished. Additionally, his snoring ended after a week on a ketogenic diet, and during a mission trip he was easily able to fast as part of the spiritual preparation. Jim explained to me that getting these kind of results in his health really didn’t take as much effort as people might think.

“I don’t weigh food portions,” he said. “But I do weigh myself every day to keep myself in check.”

People are amazed by the changes Jim has seen in his weight and health, and he’s confident as a physician that this is something literally anyone could do to improve their health.

“This ketogenic diet is really good stuff,” Jim concluded. “The science seems solid to me as a pathologist and physician.”

Are you feeling inspired yet to try a low-carb, moderate-protein, high-fat, ketogenic diet for yourself? These eight individuals are only a few of the many whose lives have been changed by the power of ketones.

Perhaps you’ve tried to get into ketosis but have had problems producing adequate ketone levels. Coming up in the next chapter, we’ll help you identify ten reasons why that may be happening and what you can do about it. Don’t lose hope, and be encouraged by these success stories that good things are in store for you.

People who seek out keto are hungry for change. Once they’re adapted to ketosis, their quality of life improves exponentially.
– Stephanie Person

Key Keto Clarity Concepts

  • Real lives are being changed by a ketogenic diet.
  • Giving up the gimmicks and embracing a low-carb, high-fat diet works.
  • Increasing your blood ketones results in incredible energy and steady mood.
  • It is possible to find benefits with ketosis at virtually any age.
  • There are many rare medical conditions that could be improved with ketosis.
  • Stay the course with your low-carb, high-fat diet despite any ridicule.
  • Sometimes low-carb or Paleo isn’t enough, so give keto a go.
  • Knowing the difference between how you feel in and out of ketosis is key.
  • Even medical professionals are recognizing the benefits of ketogenic diets.
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