21 Day Kick-start Keto Meal Plan – Part 2

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Day 3

  • Meal 1: Camille’s Keto Energy Bars (see here)
  • Meal 2: Pepperoni slices and mozzarella cheese cooked with butter and garlic salt (optional)
  • Meal 3: Jimmy Moore’s Bacon-Wrapped Salmon (see here) topped with Jimmy Moore’s Homemade Keto Béarnaise Sauce (see here)
  • Snack: Gary the Primal Guy’s Keto Chocolate (see here) (optional)

Day 4

  • Meal 1: Almond Butter Keto Bombs (see here)
  • Meal 2: Tuna with Jimmy Moore’s Homemade Really Real Keto Mayo (see here) and blueberries (optional)
  • Meal 3: Keto Beef Stroganoff (see here)
  • Snack: Macadamia Avocado Freezer Fudge (see here) (optional)

Day 5

  • Meal 1: 4 pork sausage patties
  • Meal 2: Ham and Colby Jack cheese roll-up dipped in Jimmy Moore’s Homemade Really Real Keto Mayo (see here) (optional)
  • Meal 3: Pan-Fried Breaded Pork Chops with Sautéed Kale (see here)
  • Snack: Luscious Lemon Bars (see here) (optional)

Day 6

  • Meal 1: Cucumber slices with Keto Skordalia (see here)
  • Meal 2: Almond butter and dark chocolate (87% cacao) (optional)
  • Meal 3: Keto Pot Roast (see here)
  • Snack: Keto Vanilla Ice Cream (see here) with Jimmy Moore’s Keto Chocolate Shell Topping (see here) (optional)

Day 7

  • Meal 1: Celery and Healthified Keto “Refried Beans” (see here)
  • Meal 2: Beef ribs with snow peas cooked in butter (optional)
  • Meal 3: 6-ounce sirloin steak cooked in butter and Baked Creamed Spinach (see here)
  • Snack: Beef jerky (optional)

After the first week, you should notice a discernable improvement in your hunger and cravings. In fact, it’s possible you’ve already “forgotten” to eat a meal. If so, don’t panic. That’s totally normal as your body adjusts from running on sugar to running on fat.

Like the first week, the second week of the meal plan includes snacks in case you get hungry between meals. (But remember, if you’re getting hungry between meals, that’s your cue to add more fat to your meals.) You are under no obligation to eat all of the meals and snacks listed, but they’re there in case you need them. Keep in mind that your first meal of the day could be at noon or beyond.


To maintain some degree of ketones, we must restrict the intake of carbohydrates to no more than about 50 grams daily. It is essential to control not only the quantity of carbs but the quality as well. Allowing only those carbs with a low glycemic load will eliminate foods with added sugars and highly refined, processed items. This is closer to the whole-foods diet that was consumed decades ago when we were a far slimmer and much healthier nation.

– Jackie Eberstein

Day 8

  • Meal 1: Keto Pizza Frittata (see here)
  • Meal 2: Hamburger patty cooked in butter, bacon, and Swiss cheese topped with a mixture of sour cream and garlic salt (optional)
  • Snack: Raw almonds (optional)

Day 9

  • Meal 1: Roasted duck with Coconut Almond Porridge (see here)
  • Meal 2: Salami and cheese (optional)
  • Snack: Deviled eggs made with Jimmy Moore’s Homemade Really Real Keto Mayo (see here) (optional)

Day 10

  • Meal 1: Eggs fried in coconut oil, bacon, and avocado
  • Meal 2: Pan-seared scallops cooked in lard and raw spinach salad topped with olive oil and lemon juice (optional)
  • Snack: Cashew butter mixed with cream cheese, a touch of cinnamon, and a few drops of your favorite liquid sweetener (optional)

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