The best Juicing Tips…

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There are certain things you can do to make your juicing experience more easier and enjoyable… some of this things are;

    • Always clean your Juicing equipment right after you use it… because if you let the pulp fruit dry… it can stick like glue… it’s easy to un-stick dried pulp by submerging it in water and waiting for just a little while.
    • At the very most, make only a 1 day supply of fresh juice at a time… you can make more but you’ll have to freeze it… but after I tried freezing extra juice for a while, I currently advise against it… because even when you freeze it, the juice starts loosing it maximum potent qualities after only a couple days frozen… I advise making just 1 new fresh batch of juice every morning… unless you are retired and have extra time on your hands to make fresh juice at different intervals during the day inorder to obtain maximum freshness..
    • When buying fruit, only buy a 3 day supply to ensure maximum freshness and quality of the fruit.
  • Line the inside of the pulp catcher with a plastic bag… it makes cleaning up the pulp catcher much quicker, cleaner, and easier.
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