3 Reasons Why You Should Sleep On Your Left Side

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Sleeping position is very important thing to put in consideration. There are many common sleeping positions that people use. Some used to sleep on their side, stomach, back, or in the fetal position. Some relatively don’t change their position and lay still all night, and others toss and turn. It is okay as long as they are not waking up sore and don’t have any problem.

However, your sleep could be better than okay. It could be comfortable, relaxing, and calming. Sleeping time has a great significance for your body. It is actually still pretty active during that time. It helps you to file away your memories, digest dinner, recharge your batteries, take in oxygen, and circulate blood. Moreover, the position you take, makes a huge difference in how effective these processes are. Sleeping on your left side is the best position  for some reasons:

1. Improves Digestion

Did your parents ever tell you that it is a bad habit to eat before sleeping, that the food will sit in your stomach and will not digest and as a result you will be fat? These sayings are not true because the digestion continues on whether you are awake or asleep. The bedtime or midnight snack makes the body exert more effort, so the body needs some support to digest this meal more easily during sleep.

Even though digestion will occur no matter how you sleep, you can help your body do the work with as little effort as possible by sleeping on your left side. That’s because our stomachs sit to the left side of the body, and when you lie on your left side, it allows food to pass into the intestine more easily. It also keeps the stomach from lying on the top of the pancreas, which helps digestive enzymes to flow.


2. Gives Your Heart a Break

Heart is one of the most important organs in our body. It must beat without pause in order to sustain life from the first moment of the human’s life. Its work may be affected by a lot of factors such as; the diet or environmental air quality. It’s no wonder that heart disease causes death of adults in the whole world. To minimize your risk, sleep on your left side to make your heart’s job easier.

When you sleep on your left side, you let gravity help the heart move blood. Your aorta carries blood from the heart to the rest of your body, and it arches to the left as it begins its route. So, when you lay on your left side, you help the heart to exert less effort to get that blood moving.

3. Relieves Back Pain

Who among us hasn’t woken up tired because of sleeping in an odd position and this position caused a pain in the back or neck? (If you never have, we need to know your secret.) If you suffer from this, sleeping on your left side might help you.

Left-side sleeping has many benefits. It helps you to relieve stress on your back bone. The more pressure on your back during sleep, the more effort your muscles require to keep everything okay. Moreover, when you sleep on the left side, you improve your circulation. This has a great effect on reducing the inflammation associated with strained muscles.

Finally, left-side sleeping has a great significance for your body’s health. It helps you to improve digestion, give your heart a break, and relieve back pain. It makes your sleep more comfortable and relaxed.

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